Welcome to the Elfa Books Blog


Introducing the Elfa Books blog!

We are so excited to launch this new interactive portion of our site and allow readers to comment and discuss our books, what they would like to see, or what their children enjoy reading. We will be updating the blog with interesting news that relates to our books and any upcoming Elfa Books news!

Elfa Books was created on the belief that everyone, especially young children, should enjoy reading! Hence our motto: Experience a Love, Fascination, and Appreciation for Books!

Our first book, Blueberry Bubble Gum was released March 28th, 2013 and has seen a great response from parents and children alike! Blueberry Bubblegum follows Max as he gears up for a summer of baseball and fun with all of his friends. But to his surprise, he finds himself transported to a strange and wonderful world after chewing magical blueberry bubble gum—bubble gum his parents warned him not to chew! Join Max in his adventures through Blueberry Bubble Gum World and meet the fascinating creatures who live there—the Blueberry Boy, King Erudition, and the lumpy, moldy green evil Waywards. Will Max learn his lesson and find his way home? Find out in this thrilling journey!


Blueberry Bubble Gum is a must read for all children and makes for a fun read with parents, allowing parents to discuss the importance of listening and telling the truth while putting a fun spin on the situation. Blueberry Bubble Gum is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, iTunes, and elfabooks.com. Blueberry Bubble Gum is just the first of many books being developed, written, and published by Elfa Books. Be sure to check back frequently for fun stories, news, and updates!

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